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Zelancio Titan X-1 in Review


Today when everyone is looking to eat healthy and stay healthy, there are many who want to stay healthy by eating unhealthy considered food. Everybody these days wants a snack item at their tea time or to side their coffee with. These snacks are usually fried items such as frozen food or homemade fried snacks. But what many people do not realize is that when they are frying a food item in oil, a lot of the oil sticks onto the food item, which can harm the human body. To overcome this phenomenon of using excessive oil, modern day air fryers are used which use either a very little quantity of oil or no oil at all.

Zelancio Titan X-1

One such product is manufactured by the company Zelancio, the Titan X-1. This is an air fryer which heats up the air electrically. And uses the heat produced to fry or cook the food item. This is not just a fryer. But it is also used by many people for roasting, baking and grilling their snack or the food item. Since the Titan X-1 uses electrically heated air for warming up or frying or cooking the delicacy. It uses little to no oil in the process. Usually when users buy such a product, the major concern that they have is of fire hazard.

And voltage fluctuations in their homes. To answer that, the Titan X-1 is completely safe to use in terms of fire hazards as well as electric ones. This happens because of a pre installed safety timer. Which switches off the machine exactly after half an hour of usage. This ensures that the fryer is not left on for a long time. Creating a chance of burning the food and eventually the whole place.

The air fryer has a rapid fan installed in it which not only heats up the air. But also removes all the unnecessary fat from the food. This helps diet conscious people to not only maintain their diet. ItĀ also to eat the delicacy they have been craving under their diet. The controls on the product help in knowing the time remaining, but also to set the required temperature, to use different modes of cooking, etc. The fryer not being huge in size doesn’t take up a lot of space letting the user carry it to most of the outdoor events. Being simple and convenient, one doesn’t need to break their head to understand how to use one of these air fryers.

Small note to health

What one should take care of is that no matter how less oil is used. A snack item is always a snack and if consumed regularly. It will create problems in the human body. So if one ever gets the urge to eat a snack item, they should use such an air fryer to ensure less use of oil, but one shouldn’t make it a habit to eat such food items on a regular basis either.

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