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T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry 2 in 1 Cooker in Review


Maintaining a healthy calorie level is tricky business. With all foods fast, the standard average human is consuming more fried food than ever, pushing health issues to an alarmingly high level. With the cooking appliance market plagued with fryers that promise healthier frying, but seldom deliver that kind of results, Tefal has announced itself as a unicorn in this dynamic.

The T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry 2 in 1 Multi-Cooker is the answer for anyone looking to indulge in delicious fries without having to consume all those calories that come with oil.

Features of the T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry 2 in 1 Cooker

Rather compact in size, Tefal’s YV960151 sports an insulated chassis that measures 19X15X12. It weighs almost 10 pounds. A stirrer is situated in the center of the frying pan to enable uniform mixing. Experiments have, however, shown that cooking temperature is higher near the center, which disturbs the uniformity of the cook.

User Interface

The YV960151 ActiFry sports an interactive, customer-centric user interface for easy operation. Its intuitive panel offers dynamic control over the device’s cooking capability, providing the user with a unique level of comfort while cooking, together with the disposal of a multitude of operations that are involved in conventional cooking.
A see-through lid of the system makes supervision of the cook simpler. It also comes with a button to automatically open the cooker, preventing the possibility of any injury. Its insulated body provides a cooler outer temperature, which further enhances its safety feature.

Effective Frying

The circulation of hot air in this ActiFry cooker heats up food quickly without the presence of oil. Cooking French fries might require a little oil to be added to the fryer to smoothen the circulation process. Overall, it uses much lesser oil to yield better quality fried food compared to other machines in the market.

Dynamic Cooking

The YV960151 provides four different pre-programmed setups for cooking different kinds of food. It comes pre-enabled with set cooker conditions for effective cooking of poultry, dessert, fish and meat. The meat might have to be beaten and separated from the skin before admitting it into the fryer. The cooker does not function well with non-ground meat but yields a thorough through-and-through cook.Tefal also sends in a complimentary cookbook with 20 full-fledged recipes covering a range of dishes.


This multi-cooker is provided with a secondary cooking dish too. The hot air circulates through the entire cooking space to provide simultaneous cooking in the two dishes. Powered by 1400 watts, the YV960151 promises effective and quick no-oil frying within minutes.

The 1400-watt multi-cooker might over churn softer food to yield a weaker consistency affected dish. According to users, the T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry Multi-Cooker is perfect for oil-less French fries frying. Its actifry technology heats up the food evenly to provide a crunchy consistency. The simultaneous cooking facility means the user can cook two dishes at the same time in the same machine, thus eliminating the pain involved in conventional cooking. The YV960151’s compact size also reduces space hogged by cooking utility on the kitchen counter.

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