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Philips Digital Air Fryer in Review


With people being dependent on technology all the more nowadays, cooking is also being made easier and hassle free. Micro ovens, toasters and other such products serve as a major backbone for
the preparation of food; with that Philips Digital Air Fryer which is used to prepare palatable recipes is helping the working people in the house immensely. Guess, how beneficial it is when you return home from office and things are actually present in the house to bake, fry and garnish food automatically?

Weighing merely 19 pounds and cooking food in minimal oil, the fryer has proven to be extremely useful in the houses. Not only in homes, but also can you set these fryers in work places such as cafeterias or personal food stalls for instant and delicious preparation of food. The fryer ensures tasty and healthy food be made in minimum possible span of time; also, the presence of a double layer rack enhances the space required for cooking and makes it possible instantly.

Going by the product name, it is not confined to activities concerning frying. Whereas you can make a great deal of food items ranging from shrimps. Burritos to tossed vegetables and any kind of chops. What customers have liked the most about the machine is its ability to cook food with sheer promptness. The directions for heating priory packaged food is to minimize the usual oven temperature by only 70 degrees followed by reducing the cooking time by half. You need not follow certain instructions present on the fryer because they might not be relevant, for example, a customer stated the oven preparing French fries in 10 minutes while the directions mentioned the minimum required time to be approximately 25 minutes.

Pros of the Philips Digital Air Fryer

  • It is capable of cooking food faster than that of the usual micro ovens.
  • Cooks food in minimum oil and more usage of air is involved.
  • Can cook items both baked, fried and in the gravy form.
  • It can cook keeping the portion in control along with controlled fat.

Cons of the Philips Digital Air Fryer

Amidst all the features which are more or less speaking for the machine. There is a negative aspect of the air fryer as well- its capacity is insufficient. Another unfavorable feature of the oven is that it emits burning smoke so you might as well keep it at a safe distance from children and very old people; otherwise you can always insert the food in the oven and walk away from it unless it is completely prepared.

Conclusion for this review

A very significant thing which one ought to keep in mind or rather note prior to cooking. Is the proper adjustment of the baking or frying time and once one masters it. He can literally try different kinds of recipes with varied styles of preparation. Although few customers have found this fryer model to be small. They have recommended the cooking to be done in batches or intervals as per convenience.  So overall it is a great buy for health-conscious people. Both at office and home.

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