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Nuwave Brio Air Fryer in Review


Having a fried snack is something every child, youth and adult wants to do these days.  But what one doesn’t realize these days is that having fried food is very bad for one’s health, regardless of what age group they belong to. The problem with having fried food is related to the amount of oil that the food item absorbs. The oil harms the human body in ways we can’t imagine. But as the technology has evolved, humans have found a way to have fried snacks with less to no oil present in them. The name of the technology is called air frying and we have a lot of products available that air fry those delicacies for you using as little as no oil in them.

Brio Air Fryer

One such air fryer is manufactured by the well reputed appliance firm, the Nuwave. The NuWave Brio Air Fryer is the product one should look forward to enjoy. Those delicious snacks without harming their body. For people who are multi-talented, the Brio Air Fryer is the perfect package as it not only fries the food, but also gives you an option to broil, roast, grill, bake and even cook your food. The perfect all in one cooktop a modern day kitchen needs.

Technological front

It uses the latest technology to heat up. Which is it not only uses electricity to cook, but also heat up the air inside the frying basket. Which has a nonstick coating around it. This heated air is later channelized to the cooking chamber. Where the heat is evenly distributed ensuring that the food is cooked thoroughly. From the outside as well as the inside. Having a preheat option, ensures that you don’t have to wait long enough to eat away your snack. The Brio Air Fryer also allows you to set up an appropriate temperature that helps you decide for how fast or slow you want the frying to take place.  The LCD display monitor also lets the user keep a track of how much time is left or at what temperature the frying is taking place.

Design advantage

The product being lightweight and compact in its design. Not only lets one use it in a convenient manner. It also ensures that the look of their kitchen doesn’t get disrupted by its presence. The design boasts of a frying basket. With a coating that doesn’t let the food stick to it. Which also ensures none of the material reacts with the food item.

Healthy frying

Today everybody requires some form of snack during the hi-tea. Most of the times a fried snack is served. But one should always ensure that the consumption isn’t over their limit as the oil can harm them by creating excessive fats. The air frying technology used in the Brio Air Fryer comes to the rescue where it uses less oil and doesn’t alter the taste of your favorite snack letting you enjoy it in the healthiest way you can.

Notes Before Buying

Like many of the other air fryers the NuWave Brio experiences peeling from the non stick coating. You can use aluminum foil to fix the problem. The biggest complaint for the NuWave Brio is the size. If your looking for larger dishes such as 8-9 inch pizzas, cakes, casseroles, etc; consider getting a larger air fryer.

To conclude, the Nuwave does what is has been made for-produce quality food with less oil and that has been its USP with its customers. Full review on NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer


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