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GoWise USA GW22621 in Review


The 4th generation of the GoWise USA GW22621 is an indication that it has been received very well amongst its customers which has caused the maker to keep updating it. The use of airfryers is gaining popularity with every passing day with more and more people wanting to try out this solution.  It contains several toggles making you prepare a wide range of dishes like fish, meat, French fries, etc. It comes with a large chamber in which you can store the food of your choice and cooks food with the minimum amount of oil. The food prepared from such airfryers contains a less percentage of excess fat and calories.

Touch screen display

The touch screen display helps to keep all the toggles handy and you can switch between those depending on your taste and mood. It finishes cooking within the stipulated time fixed in the timer. The voltage strength of this device ranges between 1500W to 120V. Oil spattering is a very common problem faced during deep frying of food in boiling oil. This problem has been taken care of by the GoWise USA GW22621. A drawer circling the basket catches hold of the extra oil that may drip ouside while deep frying the items. The capacity of this airfryer is 3.2 quarts thus enabling preparation of lunch or dinner for the whole family in one go. The structure of this device has been very well layered.  The heating coils are placed on the top of this device while the bottom has a fan attached to it.

Great set of fans

The fan circulates the air to all parts of the airfryer enabling the air to transmit evenly along the airfryer. Thus the food is cooked well from all sides. This machine has the tendancy to heat up very rapidly. The temperatures may sore to 400 degree Celsius. The cooking basket is a nonstick one therefore making the experience of cooking a great one. The preset functions displayed in the console would help you prepare the desired meal for your husband or your friends. The temperature of the device has to be set in the optimum level to get the work started. When the fryer reaches to its last step of setting a timer, it will beep five times. The fryer will shortly turn off automatically.

Pull out the pan from the fryer and put it in the pot holder. Note that oil will store in the bottom of the pan therefore be cautious if you slide the pan from the fryer. Slide the button guard forward and then force the fire basket release button to remove the basket from the pan. It brings out the ingredients and put it on the table. You can use nonabrasive or nonmetal tongs to escape scratching.

The manual gives you a comprehensive idea on how to reap maximum benefit from this machine. This one gives a well assumed calculation. You can order this one without any doubt. With airfryers taking centre stage this one would make an ideal companion in your kitchen!

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