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Gourmia GTA2800 Wifi Air Fryer in Review


The Gourmia GTA2800 Wifi Air Fryer or the  Turbo XP cook center is one in the line of cooking appliances that has revolutionized cooking – the last such invention must have been the microwave oven. An air fryer cooks by circulating hot air – at 200 degrees Celsius around the food. It cooks or air fries traditionally fried foods like potato chips, fried chicken, or fish, poppadums, croquettes, as well as pastries, cakes, pizzas, and soufflés.  It uses minimal oil and claims that it reduces the oil consumption by 80%. So of course it is a healthy option.

The Gourmia Range

Gourmia has a range of cooking appliances like the multicooker, the rotating grill, sous vide cooker immersion pod etc. This is one more from the company whose mission is to help cook easier, quicker and healthier with a promise to make it an enjoyable experience.

Reckon with this

The Gourmia GTA2800 comes with eleven attachments including a classic rotating rotisserie with a basket, steamer racks, fry baskets, bake and steam pans etc. so it can be used as a rotisserie, a stir fryer, an oven for baking cakes or as a steamer.  The control panel houses and LED display of the cooking presets as well as all the settings for temperature, time, fan wind speed etc. for manual operations.

It works on 110 v, has a capacity of ten liters which translates into a comfortable meal for two. It uses efficient halogen lamp infrared heating technology. There are 20 preset cooking functions like fast heating, French fries, steak, pizza, kebabs, fast dried fruit and even fermentation among others. One can otherwise manually set the cooking times. It boasts of an even 360 degree cooking concentration with both convection and radiation processes taking place.  Across all user reviews, reports on steaks and fried chicken made in this air fryer are the same – crispy on the outside, tender and succulent on the inside! And this with minimum oil.

But this is not the main feature in the Gourmia2800.  Of course, being an air fryer, one could expect oil reduction as the bare minimum feature. The notable feature is the Wifi enabled functioning. The app for this can be downloaded on android smartphones and Iphones, and the appliance can be worked from a smartphone. The app and the instructions can be downloaded from the company website. Which has the same controls that appear on the control panel of the air fryer. The GTA2800 would have cooked the food and have it ready just using a smartphone. If this isn’t smart and futuristic cooking what is?

Closing out

It comes with a handy instruction booklet. Which should be read carefully as it contains information. On how you should handle and care for this appliance. Each accessory’s use is described with helpful illustrations so that the entire range of application is available to the user.

As we learn about better food and nutrition, appliances complete the circle by providing better cooking methods. The GTA2800 seems to have thought of everything!

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