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De’Longhi FH1163 MultiFry in Review


Every one of us prefers to eat the tastiest foods from the table. It so happens that the food that drives our tongue also drives our health to the trench. With the body type of an ectomorph, one who doesn’t gain weight easily, can consume anything and in abundance without worrying. But what of the rest? The mesomorph and Endomorph? I.e. those who gain weight depending on their intake and the type who hardly eat a grain and put on pounds respectively.

Thinking about the future

Irrespective of your body type, in the long run, we need to stay healthy to work, to live happily, to live a life without pills. To include that in your diet curriculum you tend to cut down several rather most of your favorite dishes. What if there are plenty of dishes that you can eat, which are healthy and tasty. This includes more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, steamed preparations and using smart ingredients.

Using of smart fats, i.e. the unsaturated fats (e.g. Olive oil) over the saturated fats like butter. This helps to lower the overall intake of cholesterol, which ultimately reduces the risk of heart diseases, pump heart at a better rate, tire you less and more. Now, this doesn’t mean you completely avoid the saturated fats, do take them as well, but in one-tenth of quantity.

Prepare dishes with whole grains over refined grains. With the bran intact, whole grains like that of brown rice and bulgur have more magnesium, Vitamins B, zinc and other nutrients. Mix them with vegetables as a variety. It’s wise to have 4 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, depending on size. Include your favorite meat as well, consuming them in small amounts will keep balanced fiber and protein.

Great for trying different foods

Over the above-added ingredients for your taste, it’s time to point on how to cook them in a healthier manner. French fries and chips are common today and they are healthy if made at home. But you can make it healthier by using the technology in food. In this era, you don’t need to fry or deep-fry the raw to prepare your dish. Using AirFry technology, we hardly need any oil. By a teaspoon of oil, the hot air rotates around your food carrying the vapor of oil and spraying it as per need. The Air Fryers in the market works like a charm.

Apart from the method mentioned above, one can also prefer to cook food via steam, a multi-cooker. Ranging from various benefits of steam and less oil, the body, mind, and spirit sure shall remain healthy. One of such a product is De’Longhi FH1163, an all-in-one cooker which is an air fryer and a multi-cooker as well. Apart from it, it also is a MiltyFry, a versatile machine that can be sued for cooking, baking and broiling. Be it salmon, steaks or fries, this machine can prepare it all. It can also bake pizzas, pies, and cakes! With endless possibilities of one’s capabilities to cook varieties, the 3.3lb capacity container sure can prepare for the whole family at once. De’Longhi FH1163 is one of that unique machine that can prepare healthy and delicious food to keep you fit.

Eat healthy, stay healthy; is old, as today you can eat delicious and yet stay healthy.

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