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Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer100B in Review


People are now turning more health conscious than ever. But with a lifestyle that limits a person’s free time in a few hours during the day. Conventional cooking’s time demands make people compromise on health and switch to fast food. Avalon Bay’s AB-AirFryer100B is the perfect tool for efficient, quick and healthy cooking. With a ton of super-functional features, the 100B is capable of a range of cooking styles that can be set according to the user’s preference. How does the 100B fair against its competitors? This comprehensive list of its features shows how.

Design of the air fryer

The AB-AirFryer100B features a plastic chassis to insulate the inside heat from raising the outer temperature. This safeguards the user from any potential injuries. It sports a compact size of 13.5X11X12.8 inches that fits perfectly on the kitchen counter without hogging too much space. Weighing approximately 14 pounds, the 100B houses a 3.2 liter capacity cooking basket capable of oil-less frying and healthy cooking.

The model also boasts of a double unit baking set which comes with a removable baking tray and rack. It rests on two no-slip feet that ensures the unit will not topple off the counter.


The AB-100B’s quick hot air system circulates hot air through the food in the basket. Bestowing a crunchy texture upon the food inside. It makes for a super-healthy alternative to deep frying. The unit also consists of a removable metal basket that facilitates the transfer of fried food from the fryer to an external dish, thus eliminating the chaos of an oily transfer.

The Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer100B offers an intuitive temperature control up to 400ºC that can fry and yield a crunchier texture on the outside and a softer feel on the inside.

Power Conservation

The AB-100B comes with a self-programmed timer that can switch the machine to its standby mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. Its 1400 -watt power promises frying up to temperatures of 400ºC. A blast of hot air singes the outer surface of food to provide a crunchy texture while keeping the insides tender.

Dynamic Cooking

An inbuilt drip tray drains away excess grease and oil from the food. After the airfrying which helps in making the transfer of food easier. The Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer100B is capable of a multitude of cooking practices which include oil-less frying, roasting, grilling and baking! The company promises a recipe book along with this unit, but most users have found it pretty much unconvincing since only preferable temperature ranges and cooking times have been mentioned in the book.

Avalon Bay has developed a power efficient machine in the AB-AirFryer100B. That offers a wide range of cooking packages in a compact unit. Its powerful performance enables a user to cook in a variety of methods, be it grilling a scrumptious fish or roasting some chicken. Airfrying technology enables oil-less cooking within minutes. Its automatic operationality and user-centric design. With a large cooking capacity of 3.2L make this multi-cooker capable of catering during parties without the fuss of traditional deep-fry cooking.

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