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Aobosi Air Fryer in Review


The trend of healthy food is spiked with technology diving in the world of foods. It is much easier, faster and portable to prepare a dish today. Every wanna-be-chef or throw-it-all-in-gal find it much convenient to cook these days because of the advancement in machines and tools availability. People also being health conscious prefers foods with less fat and oil. And now, in the market, the machines are at your readiness.

Aobosi Air Fryer, an amazing gadget for the chef in you. Providing amazing features and easiness that you can’t resist yourself from trying something new for your dinner. Here is everything to know about the amazing Aobosi Air Fryer.

Offerings of this air fryer

The ability to cook meat, vegetables, cakes, etc… along with frying, roasting, grilling and baking. This amazing Multifunction machine makes the most for you. It also can fry oil free by the hot air fryer. Along with the pack, you get a recipe cookbook, a detachable dishwasher safe basket and much more. You receive the Aobosi Air Fryer, a user manual, a recipe book and warranty card in the box.

Physical information

The Aobosi Air Fryer weighs 4kg and stands to 30cm tall with length and width dimensioning and 30.5cm respectively.

It has the temperature control from 80 to 200 degrees (Centigrade) to choose from as per your requirement of the food item. The timer reaches up to 60min on the clock. It also has non-slip feet and automatic shut-off feature for safety. The device works on the typical 220V-240V/50Hz AC and consumes the power of 1300Watt. The amount of electricity it drinks is much less when compared to other Ait Fryers.

The container can hold up to 2.6 Liters of quantity. The container is smartly designed by making it removable along with the handle to it. The complete metal cavity comes with a non-stick coating which makes the cleaning a lot easier. The cooking technology is no ordinary with a heater to the base, the system on the inside is so uniquely designed that the heat reaches to the complete core of the food item and from all sides. It calculates and throws in the heat all around the food to avoid burns and make crispy fried and cooked food.

Features of the Aobosi Air Fryer

There is a lot that comes with the Aobosi Air Fryer. The two highlights being the digital controller and preset options for a quick cook of certain items like frozen potato sticks, natural potato, chicken nuggets and thighs, along with shrimp, fish, and cake. Every item has it preset time and temperature auto set which can be easily modified with the touch buttons provided.

The clean digital display of countdown timer and temperature is brilliant. It provides touch buttons to increase and decrease the temperature and time to the ongoing preparation of any item. Furthermore, there is a manual setup option for the item you need to prepare for temperature, mode, time, and quantity.

So overall, Aobosi Air Fryer not only consumes less power, it emits less heat on the outside by focusing it on the inside, it provides easy to cook options, digital controlling and monitoring, quick cook options from the preset settings and great handling and safety protections. What more can a chef ask for? So grab of them these, select your dish, find the recipe and have an easily but deliciously prepared meal.

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