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Here are the Best Air Fryers in Review

Do you want a nicely toasted slice of bread? Don’t worry; the electric toaster has got you covered. Do you wish to gulp down the food with some fresh orange juice? Say hello to the modern electric juicer mixer that will reduce the work of getting the juice out of oranges. Want to eat fried food without the guilt and mess of actually frying food? Don’t worry; the air fryer has got you covered! This is where the best air fryer review comes into play.

As technology advances and the older generation complains about cutting corners, we can’t deny that some inventions have been nothing short of a miracle when it comes to efficiency. The microwave has been there for a long time now, if you are feeling lazy to go to the kitchen and cook food for yourself. But have you ever wondered how you can reduce the consumption of oil in your food? Oil, being the father of harmful fatty globules in your body, can be extremely serious in creating blockages in your heart, if the consumption is not restricted. So, one has to take care of the amount of oil that is being used to cook.

Now, one may argue that oil is essential to add flavor to the food and without out we miss out on some of the best foods life has to offer. Trust science and its progress, and you will not be let down. The best air fryer is the option that has been successfully cutting down on the excess oil, so that one can easily enjoy healthy food, without compromising on the flavor and the taste.

What is an Air Fryer?

For those of you out there, who are not familiar with this gem of a device, let me introduce you to what it really is. An electric Air Fryer review, as the name suggests, is an electric device that cooks the food by only circulating hot air rapidly over and around the food without the application of any oil whatsoever.

How does an air fryer work? Well, if you are familiar with the Maillard Effect, you can easily understand how this works. For those, who have no idea what we are talking about, just know that there is a powerful mechanical fan, that produces hot air at a rapid speed that is circulated over and around the food, which cooks the food and makes it crispy. Be it potato chips, French fries or anything that requires the application of a lot of oil, the best air fryer fries them using air at two hundred degree Celsius or 392 Fahrenheit. If you were ever wondering how do air fryers work, then that is a quick and clean explanation on the subject.

Types of Air Fryer available to buy

There are different kinds of the best air fryers. Each with a unique and a specific ability to change the modes. And tinder the different knobs for different functions. Which is required for cooking different types of food. There is a cooking basket inside the hot air fryer where the food is cooked.

As I have mentioned before that different air frying units have different abilities. There are quite a few fryers where the basket is recommended to be shaken. And turned to ensure that the food is evenly cooked. While there are other types of models, where the basket sits on a rotating tray. Which automatically turns and churns the food for maximum efficiency. Since fried foods have already been labeled as extremely harmful for the heart. It is very essential that people who are in the habit of eating too much of junk food keep an air fryer in their homes. So that their health is maintained.

Factors to consider when buying a hot air fryer

While there are numerous brands available selling cheap air fryers promising an efficiency and reduction in oil as much as 80 percent, it is important that you make up your mind on a certain number of factors and investigate on them to ensure that you only buy the fryer that suits your need. Here are a few things that you need to know before you invest in an electric air fryer. Also, asking yourself while researching “what is the best air fryer” will keep you in the mindset to only settle for the best.

Size of the hot Air Fryer

This may very well be the most important factor when pulling the trigger on choosing the best air fryer. Many people have been disappointed and end up buying the larger version.

Whether you want to go a for a compact air fryer review with limited functions and small basket, occupying less storage space or want to go for the bigger model is an important thing to consider. Though you will be saving money on the smaller air fryer, you can cook and fit more in the bigger air fryer. If you are cooking for a family , it is highly recommended to go with the larger variant when choosing your air-fryer.

Checking out the Features

Another important aspect is to get yourself familiarized with the features and controls of the machine. Though they are particularly easy to master, bigger and better variants of the machine have more complex codes and functions that might take time to master. So, if you want to use it for a small scale daily operation, it would be wise to invest in the smaller and compact version, but if you’re in the habit of throwing large scale parties or inviting your friends over for dinner or lunch, it would be wise to go for the bigger and the better version, capable of carrying out more functions. Any airfryer review will cover this in full.

Capacity of Air Fryer

As I have mentioned earlier, the capacity of the fryer should be solely bought upon the necessity of the user. If you plan on cooking for a full family or dinner partiers, the Fryer with a bigger basket / capacity is recommended. Otherwise, for daily use or for a small scale purpose, the smaller version would be more than enough.

Warranty and Backup

Quality air frying should always have the backing of the company in case of an accidents or mishaps. The warranty of the concerned fryer should be checked and confirmed with the company, and the investment should be made in such a way, so that the company is capable of making the subsequent changes, if the need be so. Otherwise, without a proper warranty, not only the money to purchase the machine will go in vain, but will also incur additional charges to repair the damaged product.

Price of the Air Fryer

This is pretty obvious but you will obviously want to go with the product where there you get the biggest bang for your buck. There are quite a few of them that are available for special discounted prices and offer the best services for their worth as well, so it is recommended that you surf the web and check out different places before you seal your deal. We’ll keep up to date prices here, but generally we seen Amazon gives the best pricing; which is why we always link to them.


One of the most important and the essential part of choosing the best Air Fryers on sale is their brand. The brand speaks for itself about the product, but it is often seen that sometimes, less reputed brands produce the best air fryer. It is all about getting the right balance between functionality and cost of the product, so make sure that you check the products of all the brands before you invest in your best air fryer review.

Power Air Fryer XL (5.3 or 3.4 QT Deluxe, Black or RED)

The Power Air Fryer XL was made famous in informercials and endorsed by a chef named Eric Theiss (He has owned several restaurants but sells kitchen products on QVC network now). Informercials are usually overly exaggerated, salesy, and give of a sense of skepticism. Well here it’s safe to put your skepticism aside , Kitchen Worth interviewed hundreds of air fryer users and Power Air Fryer XL is voted best air fryer 2017.

The Power Air Fryer XL comes in 2 different colors; red or black. It also comes in 2 different sizes 3.4QT or 5.3 QTs. The 6-in-1 features cooking feature ensures that you get enough flexibility while using this and the Rapid Air Technology can be used to Roast, Air Fry, Bake, Steam and Grill, whatever is deemed necessary by the user. The easy-to-use control panel is extremely handy to get everything done quickly and this machine is capable of cooking up to 400 degrees, using no or the minimum amount of oil, ensuring that you only consume the best cooked food. The power consumption too, is extremely less, saving both the excess oil and electricity. Also, the fact that it comes pre-packed with Baking insert, Pizza Pan and Cooking Tongs gives everyone all the more reason to invest in this small gem of machine. Full Review of Power XL Air Fryer


T-fal FZ7002

The T-fal FZ7002 Actifry is an excellent solution for cooking a great meal for your loved one. It comes with a unique quality of preparing a meal by reducing the fat content in it. The oil is also required in less proportions when compared to other mediums of cooking.

Air fryers have the inherent quality of preparing low fat meals and this one turns out to be the same.  In this air fryer you would be able to prepare two pounds of French fries with just one tablespoon of oil. Isn’t that awesome? Just think how it would curtail your consumption of oil. When it comes to versatility, this air fryer does not see any competition. Be it deserts, fries, seafood or vegetables, it cooks everything with equal ease. It has a closed vessel and thus a splatter free cooking takes place.

The exterior part of the airfryer does not turn hot so you do not have to run the risks of getting your hands burnt by touching it accidently. The stirring paddle enables the oil to evenly distribute inside the airfryer. Thus the food turns out to be an evenly cooked one. Another advantage is that it does not produce any smell while cooking so you can keep your kitchen door open. It is an easy to maintain the machine as it takes just a few minutes to get it cleaned after a meal.


To sum up, T-fal assures quality products and you can have a hassle free cooking experience in a lot less time! Based on our research and customer interviews this is an elite air fryer. Full review of T-fal actifry


Philips XL Airfryer

As more and more consumers are going for less oil cooking, the demand for airfryers is experiencing a huge high. The HD 9240/94 is a large sized airfryer with a cooking capacity of 2.65 pounds. It boasts of a digital interface which makes user interaction all the more fun. Remember to have the space to keep this appliance. This device would take up considerable amount of space in your kitchen. It can cook a wide range of recipes, so you can experiment with different flavors and tastes.  This airfryer is designed with a “preset” button that enables you to save the custom settings. So if you have a go-to meal that you prepare very often, setting up the airfryer becomes all the more easy.

The built-in Rapid Air Technology by Philips is an exclusive feature of this range of devices. It is designed to circulate a larger quantity of hot air at a much faster rate. Resulting in the cooking to get over a lot faster. Helping the food to be cooked evenly and the heat to be generated equally across the airfryer.  It has an adjustable temperature up to 390 degree Celsius. Thus the temperature can be tweaked according to the situation and the dish that is being prepared.

It comes with optional accessories like a grill pan and a double layer rack with skewers.  Mobility may be difficult due to its volume and sometimes it may generate more smoke. But taking every aspect into consideration, the HD9240/46 is a great choice to start eating less oily food and taking your health seriously. Like any other Philips airfryer review, we rate this unit very highly. Full review of Philips AirFryer XL


Philips Airfryer, The Original Airfryer

Searching for an alternative solution for your deep frying requirements in your kitchen? Then the Philips Airfryer is your best bet. Starting from frying to baking and grilling, this airfryer performs all functions very smoothly and efficiently. Say “bye” to oil and welcome air as your new frying agent. The design is a compact one and would take your notice instantly. Check any other Philips air fryer reviews and you will see almost everyone agrees with this statement.

The timer has a retro appeal and turns off automatically when you run out of time. The air outlet is placed at the back and make sure that it is not blocked. On the top, there is a heating element and a fan while the cooking basket is placed on the bottom.  The fryer has several times and temperatures displayed for different kinds of food. Philips hot air fryer has you covered here.

The temperature dial control and the timer eases out the functioning of this airfryer. A downside of this kind of design is that there is no window to keep an eye on the cooking process. The cord storage at the back comes as a handy addition too. The airfryer comes with a recipe book and a user manual. The user manual comes with all the necessary instructions along with the cooking time needed for preparing French fries and frozen meat. The recipe book comes with a host of dishes and you get you starting. So, this airfryer helps you prepare food with 75% less fat content in it. The 800g food capacity and timer options make it a good buy. The size is small, so if you want a larger airfryer then you may have to consider other options. Another great Philips airfryer review.

NuWave Brio Digital Air

The NuWave Brio Digital Airfryer comes with all the features that would make you step out of the hassles associated with deep frying and embrace the new technology. Reducing the fat content in your diet and gets the food prepared in the minimum quantity of oil. It has a 3 quart capacity and hence enough storage space to prepare a meal for your family in one go. It is made of stainless steel and also comes with a 5 piece stainless steel utensil set.

Get started in preparing your favourite food with less oil. It would look and taste the same but would be less harmful for your health. The calorie content also stays low when compared to deep frying.  The temperature ranges from 100 to 390 degree Farhenheit. A flexible range of temperature enables in setting the temperature according to the need of the food that is being prepared. The distribution of heat in this airfryer is equally spread and would let you enjoy an evenly cooked preparation.  The body is made of plastic so mobility is not an issue. Grate basket and nonstick surfaces enhance the overall experience of this device.  The digital LED screen displays all the toggles so that you would know the options you have selected to get the food cooked.

Like many of the other air fryers the NuWave Brio experiences peeling from the non stick coating. You can use aluminum foil to fix the problem. The biggest complaint for the NuWave Brio is the size. If your looking for larger dishes such as 8-9 inch pizzas, cakes, casseroles, etc; consider getting a larger air fryer.

To conclude, the Nuwave does what is has been made for-produce quality food with less oil and that has been its USP with its customers. Full review on NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer


Soon after the discovery of the Induction cooker and the Toaster, kitchen appliances have never been the same, i.e., their value and the sophistication have risen to the top. But what the induction cooker and the toaster lacked is cooking food without the application of oil in the food. Oil, being one of the most harmful things that are consumed, is responsible for serious heart diseases. But with the invention of the air fryer, things have changed. The food requires less oil without compromising on the flavor and the taste of the food. While there are quite a few decent Air Fryers available in the market, Louise Sturhling’s ‘Advanced 1500W Air Fryer’ is the one that has been grabbing quite a few eyeballs, and it surely has enough reasons to as well.

This gem of an Air Fryer has been power packed with an easy-to-use LCD screen that is capable of directing the processor to carry out all the possible functions. It has already been pre-programmed with 8-in-1 Cooking settings that fit perfectly to prepare delicacies of all types without the application of any oil. The mechanicals fans are extremely well equipped blowing hot air over the food and reducing the usage of oil by up to 90 percent. Featuring a cooking timer of up to 30 minutes, this machine is capable of handling all types, which includes baked food, grilled food, pizzas, and fries of any sort, shrimps and chicken. The soft blue light serves as the perfect background for the LCD display, making it easy for people to operate and a personal favorite to some. Full Review on LOUISE STURHLING Advanced 1500W

De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra

Can things get better when you have a cooker which is capable of both frying and baking food to add to a unique essence to the recipes made? Food is all the more healthy and germ free when cooked in the De’Longhi cooker because it prevents the environmental elements from entering inside the cooker due to its amazing sealing and pressure facilities.  You must be wondering as to what exactly does the term ”multifry” denote; coming to that, it is a creative oil fryer that allows preparation of dainty recipes minimum oil possible and sometimes few drops merely.

The brilliant features such as the automatic mixing paddle, grilling facility and the construction. Of two heating elements make the cooker all the more appealing and beneficial to the core. The mixing paddle enable to sauté, toss and roast recipes without stirring. And can make food instantly. On the contrary, the two major heating elements surround the food with optimum heat for swift and uniform cooking process.

The food capacity of the cooker is good enough, it being 60oz; several customers have spoken in high praise of the fryer and have stated how easy and hassle free it is to clean the cooker right after cooking. The cooker has a distinguished paddle and bowl which is comfortably removable and also the dishwasher-safe lid makes cleaning all the more feasible. Get this gem of a product in your home and enjoy excellent cooking performance. “Which is the best air fryer?” This may very well be it. Full De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra Review

Best Air Fryer Brands

Now that we have seen apart from a few other factors, brands play an important role, it becomes essential to discuss some of the best brands selling air fryers. Note that there are quite a few local brands as well as imported brands, but it solely depends on the user which brands to target, yet it is recommended that you go after the most sought-after and the reputed brands.


This brand has been at the top for a quite some time as far as selling air fryers are concerned. The build quality surely feels premium and customers review it saying that theses air fryers are worth every penny spent after. Maintenance is not a big issue here, but the fryers of Phillips take up a lot of space, but otherwise, this is the best brand of air fryers available in the market currently.

Good Cooking

This brand has been producing air fryers for a long time now that are extremely affordable for families of all classes. Though the prices are low, the quality of these fryers have not been compromised at any stage, and though it feels premium, customers have had issues regarding the adjustment of settings, especially that of the timer. Although, it needs some improvements, these air fryers have been dominating the market at second place for quite some time now.


T-Fal has been the first brand to introduce the use of smart intelligence in Air Fryers. Their Air Fryers, also know an ActiFry is spot on when it comes to reducing the amount of oil in the cooked food, reducing the amount by a staggering 90 percent. These Air Fryers are a little expensive as well besides having some ‘fry’ issues. Customers have complained that in order to reduce too much oil, these fryers have not been circulating hot air too much and evenly upon the food; as a result, the food is not getting fried properly, lacking the crispy feel, which is not the case in the above mentioned brands. Though it requires improvement in quite a few areas, T-Fal has the potential to go long. Air fryer health is related to brand, and T-Fal is one of the best brands for kitchen appliances.


This brand originated in USA, and has been developing rapidly since that day. Now with a branch in all the essential countries where the market is big. The Air Fryers of this brand are generally big and quite expensive. Because of the host of features and other accessories they pack into the box. The 8-in-1 electric air fryers comes with a host of new features missing in some of the big brands that promises to deep fry and cook 8 different types of fries evenly, making them crispy and reducing the percentage of oil at the same time. Although almost all the essentials are packed in properly, this brand lacks some of the bells and whistles that are otherwise present in Phillips. All in all, this is one of the best air fryers that are worth all the investment.


Kalorik has been in the habit of producing high capacity air fryers that have high speed air circulating capacity to cook the food and make the fries crispy, reducing the oil percentage in it as well. One of the basic drawbacks of these models is definitely the amount of space that it takes up. Though the capacity of the fryer is massive, the same advantage turns itself into a disadvantage by taking up massive amount of space on the counter-top.

These models are not recommended if your work-station is small and the kitchen is suffocated with all other essential items. The precise convection heating is the main key factor in making the Kalorik models work and is great for small families. Though these models need quite a lot of improvement, these come at cheap prices and are a good investment overall if you are looking to go easy on the pockets.

Factors to avoid when buying an air fryer

Now that you are quite familiar about how an air fryer works, what to look for and the top brands that dominate the leader-board, it is time that we take a look at some of the restrictions of the air fryer, or, what to avoid when buying the air fryer. Here, there are quite a few things that need to be taken into account. As I have mentioned on some of the essential things to consider, there are things that you need to avoid.

If you are in the habit of eating fried foods, it is essential that you invest in an air fryer at Amazon. To cut down on the excess fat and cholesterol that is being taken. When you indulge in those types of food. Since air fryers use the application of air to cook the food. It is essential that you only sought the air fryers from the best brands. Avoid buying it from local companies that have local components in them. They are subjected to quite a few damages and can actually degrade the quality of the food. Another thing to look for while buying the air fryer is the warranty period. Quite obvious it is that if you wish to go easy on your pockets and end up buying a local air fryer at Amazon. It will be prone to some damage or the other sooner or later.

Functionality is very important

Although, it is all in the luck with electric products about the duration of their functionality. It is very essential that you take a good look at the warranty period of the particular air fryer. And since this is a local product is being sold by a distributor. Do it is essential that you verify the warranty period by confirming it with the officials of the concerned brand. Because in most of the case with local brands. It is seen that distributors have been faking the warranty period in order to attract more customers and boost their sales. Having said that, when you buy a branded air fryer, do the same.

Although there are officials of the concerned company in the distributor store. It is recommended to be on the safe side always. If you are in the habit of saving effort by cooking in air fryer, know these facts. That even a little clean up is required after you are done with the cooking. When you are looking to buy an air fryer, you might be tempted to go for the traditional air fryer. Since they are big and capacity too is high. But the maintenance can be a lot of pain because the bigger the area of the basket. The harder you have to work to get rid of all the residues of the food. So, try and avoid the traditional air fryers. And go for the small and compact air fryers with lots of features in it easy for you to maintain and clean it after cooking.

Auto-clean feature is very helpful

Although the auto-clean feature is yet to be incorporated in these air fryers, the small ones can be a lot easier to clean. Another important aspect to consider while buying the models is to choose the type of model you wish to invest into. We have already rues out using the traditional air fryer. But there is another type of fryer, known as the conventional fryer. Which is NOT recommended since it actually degrades the quality of food. In an attempt to reduce the quantity of the oil. And moreover, in terms of functionality and convenience, air fryers are safer to use compared to the conventional fryers.

These are the certain restrictions. And the things that you have keep in mind and possibly avoid. While investing in an Amazon air fryer.

Air fryer accessories

Having talked about everything related to the essential part of the air fryers, let us now dive a notch deeper and take a look at some of the essential accessories that you might be tempted in to invest in.

Frying Pan

As we have discussed before, air fryers need certain essentials to work and make the food better. The Frying pan is one of those essentials that are worth the extra investment. Much like the microwave pan, this pan is made of up of a different metal. Which is suitable and sustains the hot air that is being constantly passed over the food to cook it. Frying pans are short pans. Unlike the ones we use on the stove or the induction cooker. And fit perfectly in the air fryer and are also dishwasher-friendly in some cases. It is recommended that you buy the original product-brand frying pan. It that fits perfectly with the fryer and is compatible with it too.

Frying Basket

Much like the Frying Pan of the Air Fryer, this Frying Basket suits the same purpose as that of the pan. The only difference is the shape and the size of the container, which can fit in more food and store them in the fryer than the frying pan. The frying basket is quite advantageous given the type and the quantity of the food that is being cooked in the fryer. Not only it has the capacity to store more, but the food cooked inside the pan is also better in quality if it is cooked in the frying basket.

Cooker Grill

The cooker grill serves the function of holding the frying pan or the frying basket in place. The rotor in the air fryer keeps on circulating. Churning the food and distributing equal amount of hot air over the food. In order to keep the pan and the basket in position. To prevent them from getting dislocated. The grill is an essential part of the air fryer.

Having mentioned this use. The grill can also be used to keep the fries and something big. Which does not fit in the pan or the basket to be cooked as well. Though the cooker grill is made of chrome and has a chrome finish. It is recommended that you study the user manual before using the grill. There are certain compatible modes only in which the grill can be inserted. Since the chrome can get easily heated in a traditional atmosphere inside the fryer. The convection mode is used whenever the grill is put into place. It is also recommended that you but the grill from the same brand as that of your air fryer. So as to ensure the maximum safety.

These three essential accessories form the basic part of the air fryer. Things which you should consider buying when you invest in an air fryer. There are several other optional accessories. Like the coverall to protect the machine from dust and other particles in the air. There is a matte body cover. Which enhances the look of the air fryer and gives it a premium feel. All these are however, dependent on the interest of the user. And are not absolutely essential for a better functioning of the air fryer.


Here are some of the important Frequently Asked Questions that will help answer all the queries if you have any. Make sure to read many hot air fryer reviews for 2016 and 2017, to get a really good grasp on the appliance!

  1. Can the Cooking Time be adjusted manually?

The cooking time can be adjusted in specific machines; those which support the application of built-in timers.

  1. Can I put frozen food in the Fryer without defrosting them?

Yes. You can put frozen food in it. It will automatically defrost it. This also answers the question “are air fryers healthy.” (Answer to that is yes as well.)

  1. Is it safe to remove the Basket during the cooking cycle?

Yes! It is completely safe to remove the basket during the application of the fryer. It will shut the system down automatically.

  1. How can I clean the heating element of the machine?

Be sure that the machine has been turned off properly. And the heating element has cooled off. It can then be cleaned easily. With a soft non-metallic sponge and a little bit of non-abrasive soap.

  1. Can I use the machine to simultaneously fry and roast?

Absolutely. The tray divider can be used in this case to simultaneously roast and fry two separate items!

  1. Do I need to Pre-heat the Air Fryer?

No. You do not need to wait for the air fryer to get pre-heated before you can use it!

  1. How does the Fryer work?

The Air Fryer comes with a large mechanical fan that converts the electricity into mechanical energy. Which passes hot air over and across the surface of the food. And cooks it without the application of any oil. Do air fryers work? You might be wondering – and yes, they work wonderfully.

Final thoughts about the best air fryer 2016 + 2017

This concludes everything that you need to know about Air Fryer reviews. Be wise to choose a model according to your needs and most importantly. Read the user manual before you can use it safely. Although all the fryers are safe and easy to use. It is better to be on the safe side than open the probability of an accident. Always before buying a new air fryer, check the reviews on air fryers.